MyPascoConnect According to the findings of a research published in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, eating fast food is linked to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, a potentially fatal illness where fat builds up in the liver. MyTHDHR Researchers from Keck Medicine at the University of Southern California discovered that people who consume 20% or more of their daily calories from fast food and are obese or have diabetes had a higher level of liver fat than people who consume less or no fast food. MyWegmansConnect They also discovered that when fast food accounts for at least one-fifth of a person's diet, there are moderate increases in liver fat in the general population. NJMCDirect Ani Kardashian, MD, a hepatologist at Keck Medicine, said in a statement: "Healthy livers contain a little amount of fat, often less than 5%, and even a minor increase in fat can lead to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease." The stark increase in liver fat in people with obesity or diabetes is particularly dramatic, and is likely caused by the fact that these illnesses make the liver more susceptible to the accumulation of fat. Old Navy Credit Card To further understand how fast food affects liver steatosis, researchers looked at the most recent data from the biggest national yearly nutritional survey, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which ran from 2017 to 2019. They referred to meals, including pizza, as fast food if they were purchased from a drive-through eatery or a restaurant without a wait staff. One Cognizant Employees Login Researchers discovered that increasing steatosis was linked to fast food intake of 20% or more of daily calories. The risk of this connection was greatest in those who were obese or diabetic. According to the study, folks in these groups may experience more negative liver consequences than people in the general population.

Hotel Castle Salam
Hotel Castle Salam
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Hotel Castle Salam
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Established in 1996 as a small business Hotel in Khulna, since our inception we have since grown to a 100 room luxurious business boutique Hotel, serving both leisure travellers and corporate clients. Recently we have gone through a major renovation, having raised the bar on Hotel standards in Khulna with unparalleled facilities. Staying true to our corporate clients we continue to offer generous corporate discounts on accommodations and corporate events.
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Hotel Castle Salam
The Avenue Restaurant
Enjoy the best dishes with great tastes
Everyone gets what they want at The Avenue. With four main cuisines Bengali,Indian,Chinese and Thai. Your favourites are prepared a-la-carte and hand crafted by our trained Chefs. A special children's area keeps the children entertained.

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Grand Ballroom
We provide greate services for your events
The Grand Ballroom, is a multi-function room which is perfect for your next event. It can be used for weddings, birthday parties, corporate seminar, or conference. The possibilities are endless. Two venues make-up the Grand Ball Room. With a seating capacity of 700-750 + 220-250.We are able to combine the two venues for additional room.

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Roof Top Infinity Pool
Take a dip in the rooftop infinity pool
Khulna City’s first and only infinity pool is situated on our Rooftop Lounge, in an exclusive leisure area for Hotel Castle Salam room guests and members only. Our rooftop lounge includes; gym, yoga studio, bar, and infinity pool with a water fall over looking the Khulna Skyline.Take in the Khulna City’s unique skyline from our Rooftop Lounge while you enjoy the waterfall echoes form the only infinity rooftop pool in Khulna. Our exclusive rooftop restaurant Terrace 9 ,offers an eclectic mix of refreshing mocktails and a Mediterranean style BBQ. Accessible to only room guests and members. We maintain an unique and upscale ambiance.

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